Dog Treat Bags and Why You Need One!

Dog Treat Bags and exactly why you need one! How do you keep them clean and fresh and which one I use!

Why Do You Need a Dog Treat Bag or Pouch?

There are quite a few reasons to have a Dog Treat Bag or Pouch, to ensure you can reward positive behavior and reinforce good traits in your dog for one, keep your dog treats from crumbling to bits in your pocket for two and to give your Dog the biggest moral boost ever for three! 


There are plenty of other reasons and we will get into them below!


Dog treat bags or pouches are small bags or containers used to store treats for dogs. They come in a variety of styles and designs, but the whole purpose of them is to make your life easier regardless of if you are training or just walking your dog.


These bags are typically made of strong and difficult to tear materials, such as nylon or polyester, and can be attached to your belt or waistband for easy access. They also come with a drawstring closure or zipper to ensure that the treats are secure and won’t fall out.


It’s a fact sadly that dog treats can leave a lot to be desired when it comes to smell and texture especially when they crumble in your pocket! 


That’s where dog treats and pouches come in, my dogs go wild as soon as I put mine on and it allows for great opportunities for training, positive reinforcement, and development of skills. We talk a lot about the benefits of positive reinforcement in our training articles How to train your dog to walk on a leash and How to effectively potty train your pup just to name a few! 


STOP….. What do you need to think about before buying

Attachment, clip or strap?

How the heck are you going to carry it? Personally I love mine as I can just pop it around my waistband and I am away, there are all kinds of straps, clips, magnets and soon I imagine you will be able to get a robot to carry one for you. The one I personally use is the Pet Room Dog Treat Pouch Bag.


It’s not the size it’s how you use it right? Well with two big dogs the size of my dog treat bag does matter!   Think about how you will be using your treat bag. Is it going to be a one bag fits all or are you going to purely use it for the good stuff. I have a mixture of treats that I use for both dogs and some that I specifically use for my rescue Bruce as he has a very sensitive stomach. With this bag I find it has enough room for a few treats but not to the point where I am burning through a full bag on each walk.


Can it be cleaned / is it washable

Tripe really smells bad, it’s important to get a treat bag that is machine washable, or at least easy to keep clean and I would strongly recommend keeping on top of it, there is nothing worse than having to clean a stinky old treat bag!


How do i close my treat bag / Is it secure? 

Normally I like to go on adventures with my children and dogs together which means i am clambering all over the place, this is the cause for the biscuit crumble i have often found in my pockets in the past. Thankfully with a treat bag or pouch that closes properly you can rest easy knowing you won’t let your dogs down when you reach for a treat only to find they have dropped all over the local wood.

Bonus features

In summer it’s really important to keep your dogs hydrated. Short or long coat dogs can really easily overheat, this treat bag comes with a handy dog bowel which although a bit small for my liking does allow you to give your dogs a bit of water whilst walking or exercising on the go. 

The Poo bag holder, Not what i expected to be writing on the internet i’ll admit….. It’s worth looking into to see if the dog treat bag you are looking at comes with one of these. I never leave home without poo bags it seems and it’s very easy to add a plastic roll to the clip so you have some with you all the time. You never want to be caught short especially with big dogs!! 

Dog treat Bag

How to use a Dog Treat Bag or Pouch

Let’s face it I’m pretty confident most loving dog owners will be able to put the biscuits into the pouch but what are the uses for a dog treat bag? 

Here are a few things on my walkies checklist and tips I use for good quality treat bag use.

Tips for using a Dog Treat Bag

Here are my quick tips for using your dog treat bag and some interesting bits of advice I have picked up from trainers and over my time living with and training my dogs.

    1. Work with your Dog so it associates the treat bag with rewards: Start by using the treat bag and potentially hand signals as a signal so your dog knows a reward is coming, they have done something good. This works wonders with Jasper, my Labrador. Before you even start training or your walk show the bag to your dog and give them a little treat from it. This will help your dog understand the awesome things are in this bad and I get them for doing good things!
    2. Keep the treat bag within easy reach: Dogs famously live in the moment, make sure you have your dog treat bag to hand so you can quickly offer rewards for positive behavior.
    3. Use the right treats: Just like people all dogs have a different pallet and prefer different things, god forbid your dog is like my rescue Bruce whose favorite treat is Tripe. Try your best to find a treat your dog loves and that is easy to use, it’s best if it’s something that can be broken or cut into smaller pieces if necessary.
    4. Don’t overdo it: While treats can be a great way to motivate your dog, it’s important not to overdo it. Too many treats can lead to weight gain and the dog losing focus on why they are getting the treat in the first place.
    5. Make sure the treat back is securely fastened both to yourself and the top is closed. 





Dog treat bag muzzle in

Pro’s and Con’s 

Finally let’s look at the benefits and potential issues that you might find when using a dog treat bag.


    1. Convenience: With a pouch attached to your belt or waistband, you can keep your hands free while still having quick access to treats. This is especially useful when training your dog or when out on walks.
    2. Training Aid: A treat pouch can also be a helpful training aid for dogs. By having treats easily accessible, you can reward your dog for good behavior immediately, which can reinforce positive behaviors.
    3. Organization / Security: Making it easier to keep track of treats and prevent them from spilling out of your pockets.
    4. Hygiene / cleanliness: When you carry treats in your pockets or purse, they can become contaminated with dirt and bacteria, which can then be transferred to your dog’s mouth. A treat pouch can help prevent this from happening by keeping treats in a separate, clean container.
    5. Bonding: This allows you to build a stronger relationship with your Dog focusing on the positives


    1. Bulky: Some of them can be bulky and cumbersome to wear. Depending on the design, it may also be difficult to find a comfortable and secure place to attach it.
    2. Distraction: Although this doesn’t really bother my dogs I have read that they can be viewed as a distraction, especially if they are still in the early stages of training. Some dogs may become fixated on the pouch showing totally different behavior when you don’t have it. They might even jump up and nip in that area.
    3. Cost: Depending on the quality and design, dog treat pouches can range in price from relatively inexpensive to quite expensive. While a high-quality pouch can be a worthwhile investment, it may not be financially feasible for all dog owners.
    4. Maintenance: Treat bags need to be cleaned regularly to prevent bacteria build-up from treats or dog saliva as well as the smell and bits of food that often break off the treats. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to keep the dog treat bag clean!
    5. Extra accessory: A treat bag may be seen as an unnecessary accessory, as they can simply carry treats in their pockets or bags.

Dog treat Bag pouch

In conclusion, using a dog treat bag or pouch can be a game-changer when it comes to training and rewarding your dog, walking with your dog will totally change and it really allows you to capitalize on the positive things rather than the negatives. While there are some cons to consider, such as the need for frequent cleaning and the potential for over-treating, the benefits far outweigh them. 


A well-designed treat bag can make training sessions more efficient and enjoyable for both you and your dog, ensure you are prepared for your walks and be a massive benefit in terms of preparation and organization for both young and more senior dogs.


Incorporating a dog treat bag into your training routine and walking / exercise routine, along with establishing limits and boundaries for your new puppy, dog or Senior Dog is a sure fire way to improve behavior, tidy up your pockets and make for both a happy owner and a happy dog! 


Thank you for taking time to read the article. If you are interested in learning more about your dog, we have some additional excellent articles related to Puppy Blues, How often to walk your dog and Senior dogs tips