11 Best Dog Car Seats 2023! 

Something Safe, Comfortable, Affordable and on our list of the 11 best dog car seats below!

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Something Safe, Comfortable, Affordable and on our list of the 11 best dog car seats below!


It’s without a doubt that you will end up taking your dog in the car with you at some point, here at A Dog’s Game we have reviewed some of the best dog car seats available as well as what other things might be required to keep you and your dog as safe as possible on the road!


What is the best car seat on our list?

Wuglo Extra Stable Dog Car Seat

Good for larger dogs and easy to set up. This car seat provides security and has several stable points in the car offering more security and comfort for your dog. 


Its weight limit is 26kg. Keep that in mind when making purchases! 

Top 11 Dog Car Seats UK

Here is our breakdown with a few Pros and Cons for each!

1. Wuglo Extra Stable Dog Car Seat

Dog Car Seat Number 1


  • Easy Set up
  • Sturdy
  • Pretty big good for multiple small breeds or medium breeds
  • Easy to clean
  • Waterproof


  • Weight limit of 48 pounds or 21KG
  • Will not fit in all cars

2.Dog Booster Car Seat, for Small and Medium Pets Up to 8kg

Dog Car Seat Number 2


  • Elevated view normally means calmer dogs
  • No Assembly required
  • Water resistant and machine washable
  • Adjustable clip inside the Dog Car Seat for additional safety
  • Small and easy to store
  • Comfortable and plush
  • Can be easily used for Dogs and Cats


  • Weight limit or 8kg
  • Depending on seat type it might be difficult to keep your dog in it
  • It’s smaller than it looks! 

3.UNICITII Dog Car Seats for Small Dogs-Elevated Pet Dog Booster Seat for Dogs

Dog car seat number 3


  • Elevated view normally means calmer dogs
  • No Assembly required
  • Water resistant and machine washable (you take out the inner part)
  • Steel supports for additional security
  • Multiple colours
  • High build quality
  • Good Value


  • Weight Limit of 9kg
  • Does not stand up to wear and tear
  • Clip is quite fragile for hooking it to the headrest

4.Dog Car Seat for Large Dogs

Dog Car Seat number 4


  • Fits large dogs (yay!)
  • Comfortable, its essentially a dog bed
  • Sturdy connectors 
  • Good quality Material


  • Vacuum packed material means it requires a wash before use
  • Import from America
  • 26kg weight recommendation but no limit
  • Expensive

5.Kurgo Skybox Car Booster Seat for Dogs

Dog seat number 5


  • Elevated view  normally means calmer dogs
  • No Assembly required
  • Includes dog seat belt tether
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comfortable and high quality


  • Expensive
  • 13KG max weight
  • Does not fit well with all seat types
  • Frame padding is not the best

6.NUKied 2 in 1 Dog Car Seat Washable and Stain Resistant Pet Booster Seat

Dog car seat number 6


  • Double sided design
  • Comfortable and padded
  • Removable parts and machine washable on low temp
  • Fits well with most vehicle headrests


  • Expensive
  • Smaller than it looks
  • Weight guideline of 15kg but actually the limit is about 9kg


7.VSPETCC Dog Car Seat Cover (technically not a car seat but worth mentioning)

Dog car seat 7


  • Very big, will fit most large vehicles
  • Waterproof
  • Scratch resistant 
  • Good in summer and Winter
  • Comes with a Dog Seat Belt
  • Easy to clean
  • Affordable
  • No Weight Limit


  • Technically not a dog car seat 
  • Reliant on additional safety features 
  • Clips are prone to failure

8. FRISTONE Dog Car Seat, Dog Booster Car Seat Travel Carrier

Dog car seat number 8


  • Waterproof 
  • Good sturdy material
  • Easily Adjustable 
  • Comfortable and similar to a bed 


  • Poor Strap 
  • Safety Leash is not the best
  • Smaller than it looks 
  • 16KG Weight limit but more reasonably about 12KG
  • Hand Wash only

9. GoBuyer Waterproof Pet Dog Car Seat Booster Carrier with Seat Belt Harness and Headrest Strap

Dog Car Seat number 9


  • Strong structure for small dogs
  • Affordable 
  • Waterproof
  • Seat Anchor for additional security


  • 9KG Weight Limit
  • Not very chew resistant 
  • Not suitable for Puppies
  • Not sturdy enough for medium size dogs

10.Petsfit Dog Car Seat,Soft Dog Booster Car Seat

Dog Car Seat number 10


  • Large, would comfortably fit 2 small dogs
  • Booster for improved view
  • Machine Washable
  • Comfortable and robust design


  • Expensive
  • Long delivery time
  • Has almost no impact on travel sickness

11.Kurgo K01783 Heather Half Hammock

Dog car seat 11


  • Only takes up one seat
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Useful for multiple breeds and sizes of dog up to about 30 KG


  • Expensive
  • Not very sturdy
  • Polyester is not the best material
  • Material is slippery and can tear

When choosing a dog car seat, be sure to consider your dog’s size and weight, as well as the type of car you have and the length of your trips. Not all seats are built for all dog sizes and it’s important for both comfort and safety that you read the product description before buying.


What else would we recommend at a glance?


EZYDOG Drive Car Harness  

Much better and safer than having a cage in your car, this is a crash tested and very durable harness. This product has excellent build quality and I would highly recommend it if you are taking your dog on frequent journeys. 



Headrest dog car seat belt

General attachment for most of the dog car seats or in general with having a dog secure in your car.


Dog Seat Belt for car

A handy and cost effective alternative available on amazon and with quick delivery! 


Dog car seats have become increasingly popular among pet owners and I can understand why, who wouldn’t want to ensure your dogs are safe and comfortable during your car journeys.


Most dogs suffer with travel sickness and generally can be really uncomfortable when traveling long distances in the car.


With so many options available on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for your pup. So to save you time and effort we have taken a look at everything you could possibly need to know to get the perfect car seat.


We will take a closer look at the features and benefits of each of the top 11 dog car seats to help you make a good decision! 


What are the rules for dogs in the car UK? 

The Highway Code states that your animal needs to be suitably restrained so that they cannot be a distraction to you while driving or injure either you our themselves, this means it is a legal requirement to have your dog securely fastened in the car at all times or separated from the main body of the car with a cage.


What is a dog car seat?

A dog car seat is a specially designed seat for dogs to sit in while traveling in a car. It helps to keep the dog secure and safe while in the vehicle and it’s similar to a regular car seat in that some of them have a full proper seat and backrest, but it is made to accommodate a dog’s size and weight. 


Some dog car seats also come with straps that can be attached to the car seat to keep it in place, ensuring that the dog remains secure in the event of an accident or sudden stop. 


Dog car seats come in various sizes and designs to accommodate different breeds and sizes of dogs with all kinds of various materials, including soft fabrics, durable plastic, or metal.


A reminder as well that having something like this, a harness or a doggy seat belt is a legal requirement for traveling with your Dog in the UK.


Why are dog car seats important?

Dog car seats are important for several reasons; 


Safety And Security;

Absolutely something critical for your dog while traveling in a car, just like humans, dogs can get injured in a car accident if they are not properly restrained. A dog car seat helps to keep your dog in one place, preventing them from being thrown around the car in the event of a collision, harsh braking or god forbid if you were to have an accident.


Reducing Driver Distraction

This is one of the main reasons there is a law for it in the highway code.  


Unrestrained dogs can climb onto the driver’s lap or distract the driver in other ways, things like getting stuck in the car, being distressed or seeing another dog walking by. Therefore increasing the risk of having an accident. A dog car seat, Harness & Seatbelt keeps your dog safely contained and allows you to focus on driving.


Comfort and ease for Travel

They can help prevent motion sickness, and some models have built-in features such as heating or cooling pads to keep your dog comfortable during long car trips.


For me personally it’s really important that my Dogs Bruce and Jasper are comfortable when we are traveling too and from our adventures and with Bruce having anxiety about almost everything keeping him relaxed is a massive benefit.


What are the rules? 

Here is a reminder of the full rules established in the highway code rule 57 for Dog Travel in the UK “When in a vehicle make sure dogs or other animals are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you are driving or injure you, or themselves, if you stop quickly. A seat belt harness, pet carrier, dog cage or dog guard are ways of restraining animals in cars.”


Dog car seat rules


What is the safest dog car seat in our list? 

Although this is something I researched quite a bit when making a purchase myself and when putting this list together I would recommend using the proper scientific resources when making your own decision!




What do I need for my dog in the car

As well as a comfortable Dog car Seat you will most likely need a harness and a seatbelt if the dog car seat you have purchased does not come with one. 


The best harness i have seen and use myself is this oneEZYDOG Drive Car Harness It’s crash tested, it fits great on both of my large 30KG plus boys and it gives me the piece of mind that if someone was to crash into me, or I was to have an accident both Bruce and Jasper would be fine


I also have a spare seat belt in my car just in case, I just use this one Dog Seat Belt for car as it’s easy to store and takes 10 seconds to plug in if I need it.


So How do I keep my dog safe in the car ?

You ensure that they are securely fastened in either the seat next to you or the back seats, you have purchased one of the lovely Dog Car Seats from our list as well as a secure harness and seatbelt. 

Then you are well on your way to having a pleasant and safe journey with your Dog, just watch out for the other motorists now! 


Thank you so much for reading I love receiving feedback on our articles as we try to get better and better as time goes on, if you want to learn more about what’s best for your Dog have a look at some of our other articles – Best Value Dog Leads and How to change dog food some really interesting stuff in both of these!