Best Value Dog Leads UK Top 8

The best value dog lead in the UK is really dependant on several things, value, length, toughness and usability all of which can be found in this article!

What are the best value dog leads for your small, medium or large dog?

Here are the top three of our list for Best Value Dog leads in the UK!

      1. JBYAMUK 5 FT Strong Dog Lead

      2. Joytale Real Genuine Leather Dog Lead
      3. Halti Training Lead 



    Well Dog leads are an essential item for any dog owner. Whether you have a large or small breed, a lead is an important tool to keep your dog safe and under control while out on adventures in the countryside or in public places. 

    With so many different types of dog leads available on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one for your pet. I know I was amazed when I started buying leads myself. 

    To help you save time and heartbreak with a poor product we have put together a shortlist of the top 8 dog leads, what we normally consider when getting one and then a quick list of the ones we have used with our dogs and their pros and cons!

    final final dog lead

    What to consider when buying a dog lead

    Breed and size of dog

    The breed and size of your dog is one of the most important factors and number 0.5 on the below list, it will massively affect the type of lead you choose. A small dog may be more comfortable on a lightweight and retractable lead, while a larger dog may require a thicker and sturdier lead for better control.

    My dogs Jasper and Bruce require the latter a strong lead to support their needs and ensure they walk safely for both themselves and others around them.

    Additionally, certain breeds may have specific needs or tendencies that require a particular type of lead, such as a harness lead for breeds prone to neck injuries or a shorter lead for dogs that tend to pull. For advice and tips on dogs pulling on the dog lead have a look at our article How to train your dog to walk on a leash.



        1. Material: The material of the lead is crucial for durability, comfort, and safety. Popular materials include nylon, leather, and rope. Nylon is lightweight and easy to clean, while leather is sturdy and can last for years. Rope leads are great for strong dogs who like to pull as well.
        2. Length: The length of the lead can vary depending on your needs. A standard lead is typically around 4 to 6 feet long, but longer leads can be useful for training or letting your dog roam a bit more. Most retractable leads are larger than this so ensure you read the information on the product before you buy.
        3. Width: The width of the lead is important for comfort and control. A wider lead is easier to grip and can provide more control over your dog. This is massively important if you have a larger dog, anything below 2.5cm thickness is in my opinion not suitable for large breeds of dog.
        4. Handle: The handle of the lead is important for grip and comfort. Look for a lead with a padded handle or one that is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip, if your dog pulls or is reactive a comfortable handle is key so you both have a positive walking experience.
        5. Clip: The clip is an important part of the lead as it attaches to your dog’s collar or harness. Look for a sturdy clip that is easy to open and close. The clip can be the first victim of bad weather, muck and general wear and tear so make sure you stay on top of maintenance and cleaning of it, you don’t want an escapee!
        6. Reflective Properties: If you plan on walking your dog at night, or if you live in the UK like I do , a reflective lead is very handy, it allows for greater visibility to cars, other dog walkers and the general public.
        7. Chew Resistant: Some dogs have a tendency to chew on their leads, it’s not ideal if the material frays and it can cause some health issues so do try and look for a lead which is anti chew or follow our list of Dog leads below.
        8. Price: Dog leads can range in price from a few pounds to into the hundreds of pounds, depending on the brand, materials, and features. The price should be weighed against the quality and durability of the lead, as well as your budget and needs.

      Top 8 Best value Dog Leads

      1. JBYAMUK 5 FT Strong Dog Lead

      This lead is made from high-quality rope and features a sturdy, rust-resistant clasp. It is designed for large and medium-sized dogs and is available in multiple colours and styles.


      Made from very durable rope


      Suitable for larger dogs


      Rust-resistant clasp 


      Very Sturdy have been using this for months now. 


      Chew resistant. 




      Can be used in almost all situations and takes 5 seconds to put on.


      Long enough for your dogs to get good sniffs but not be too far away!



      May not be suitable for smaller dogs


      Rope can fray depending on use and storage.


      The blocker mechanism for the tightening of the lead is not the best.


      The Handle is not overly comfortable when you have a very strong dog


      2. Joytale Real Genuine Leather Dog Lead

      Very nice lead, fashionable and genuine leather, features a strong clasp and has multiple sizes for different dogs.




      Very nice looking and hand made


      High quality


      Real Leather


      Very sturdy 


      Strong clasp


      Multiple dog lead sizes.


      Excellent packaging and customer service



      Does not weather very well


      Leather takes maintenance to stay in good condition


      Halti lead

      3. Halti Training Lead

      This lead is designed to provide maximum control when training your dog, with two clips allowing for different lead lengths and a padded handle for added comfort. It is made from durable nylon webbing and is available in multiple colors.



      Provides very good control during training


      Two clips allow for versatile lead length and different breeds of dog. 


      Padded handle for comfort.


      Extremely good if you have a reactive dog.


      Very good head control




      May be too heavy or bulky for some smaller dogs


      Can be a pain to get on in the wet


       Not very sturdy


      4. Fida Slip Rope Dog Lead | 1.8m, One-Size-Fits-All, Slip-On Rope Leash

      Excellent for medium weight dogs similar to number one in terms of structure and material, much smaller though.




      Very good control for medium and small breeds of dogs


      padded handle and reflective material for good visibility. 


      Handy for almost all occasions.



      Not suitable for large breeds of dog – Labrador or Bull Lurcher at least. 


      It is too thin and does not apply force to the correct area.


      Became frayed after a short time. 


      safety dog leads

      5. Leashboss Short Dog Leash for Dog Training

      Dog Leads more specialized in reactive dogs or when working with a dog that needs some hyperactivity training.




      Good control for medium and small breeds of dogs


      Useful for training and use in close proximity situations


      Chew resistant




      Not as useful for larger dogs or dogs that pull


      Much thinner and weaker than in the image


      Not suitable for harness attachment


      Not ideal for dogs who use a sighthound collar. 


      Dog Leads 5

      6. Bolux 5ft Dog Leads, Heavy Duty Rope Leash with 2 Padded Handle

      A good entry in our Dog Leads list and useful for multiple types of dog, unique handle system i have not used before but it was a good experience!




      Long Leash


      The two handle system is actually very good for controlling your dog


      Sturdy in my experience but not suitable for large dogs




      On the expensive side


      Using two hands for the lead means you have no hands for anything else


      Not ideal when walking with children


      Surprisingly thin


      I would not describe it as heavy duty – best for medium dogs.

      Retractable dog leads

      7. FurDreams Dog Leads

      The first retractable lead, something I use for my Labrador as it’s not suitable for a reactive dog like Bruce. Excellent for walks, long leash and very handy. The lock feature is sturdy enough for small and medium dogs, even large dogs if they are not too reactive.



      Handy and quite stylish 


      Retractable lead useful for open areas


      Anti Slip handle good for strong dogs


      Long length


      Good linking system – sturdy with the collar


      Sturdy enough for medium and small dogs




      Extending leads are dangerous near open roads


      Tough to use with a very strong or large dog


      At full extension Bruce would pull of my arm


      The leash does not fair well in bad terrain, it does not retract when twisted or muddy.


      Dog Leads Final

      8. Anti Pull Dog Harness Large Dog Lead set with 2 leash clips

      This is a combo item and extremely good value, comes with a leash and a harness which would normally set you back £30 plus from a retail store.




      Harnesses are one of the best ways to manage dogs which are strong and reactive I use one for Bruce and swear by it


      Secure on the dog


      Excellent value


      Easy to adjust



      Not the best quality


      The lead is a poor version of number 4 on this list


      Plastic clips break easily on the harness so not good for reactive dogs.


      Limited size so dogs over 35kg will not fit.


      Conclusion – it really depends on what you are after in a dog lead / leash for me. Personally I look for something secure, long enough that my boys can get their sniffs but easy enough to use so I’m not concerned Bruce will escape.


      I use the JBYAMUK 5 FT Strong Dog Lead on this list daily to walk both my dogs and it’s a fantastic lead. 


      The one that surprised me the most was number 2 Joytale Real Genuine Leather Dog Lead as most of the time products like this are poor quality but this one was superb. 


      Thank you for reading and I hope this article on dog leads was insightful and useful for your purchases! 


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