Best Car Seats for Large Dogs

What is the best Large Dog Car Seat? Look no further! Specifically looking at Large dogs there are a few extra things you need to consider

When it comes to traveling with our Dogs ensuring their safety and comfort is of utmost importance. This is particularly true for large dogs, such as the American Akita, Japanese Akita Inu, Labrador and the lovable Bruce


Whether you’re planning a family vacation or a simple drive around town, a suitable car seat will offer a secure space for your Dog, minimizing distractions for the driver and ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey for all. 


We go into lots of detail on our 11 best dog car seats article but for this one we are focussing much more on larger breeds as I found it really difficult to find a seat that would actually fit my 30kg plus dog in it! 


So let’s have a look at what we found at A Dog’s Game for Large dogs.


What is the best Car Seats for Large Dogs:

Large Dog Car Seat Instruction an picture

BOCHAO Dog Car Seat for Large Dogs: A Perfect Choice for Large Dogs like Bruce, my Labrador Jasper or other large breeds like the Akita Inu or Boxers. 


When it comes to providing a secure and comfortable car seat for large dogs like the Akita Inu, the BOCHAO Dog Car Seat for Large Dogs stands out as a top-tier option. Bruce is a large dog and it’s really a pain to find the right size car seat for him so I was thankful that this was big enough although only just!


What are the Features and Benefits of the BOCHAO Dog Car Seat for Large Dogs

The BOCHAO Dog Car Seat for Large Dogs is specifically designed to provide security and comfort for large dogs during car journeys. Here are some key features and benefits that make it a standout choice:


Safety and comfort: super soft short plush fabric,high-density sponge, high-resilience environmentally friendly PP cotton,4cm wide car seat belt,high-quality non-slip bottom,Bold safety buckle;The high-performance car dog bed allows dogs to not feel scared or anxious while in the car, and is ideal for traveling with dogs.


Multifunctional use:The safety belt of the dog car seats can be removed and put into the side pocket, After removing the seat belt Fold the backrest and use it as a Dog beds at home;It can also be used on the Sofa to protect the Sofa from being damaged by Dogs.


Easy to clean: This dog seat is completely detachable, open the zipper to take out the sponge and PP cotton, and put the dog seat cloth cover in the washing machine for cleaning; you can also use a vacuum cleaner to clean the surface impurities or hair of the dog seat during daily cleaning.


Easy to install:The seat belt is designed with an adjustable buckle, the dog booster seat can be easily installed on the rear seat of the car, just fix the seat belt on the top of the car seat and adjust the length of the seat belt;There are also 3 iron clips at the bottom that can be inserted into the car seat belt card slot to more securely fix the dog booster seat;The dog seat is equipped with 2 safety buckles and can be used by 2 puppies.


Stability: BOCHAO Dog Car Seat for Large Dogs is renowned for its exceptional stability. It offers multiple stable points in the car, ensuring that your Akita Inu, Bull Lurcher, or Large dog breed remains securely in place throughout the ride. This feature is particularly crucial for large dogs who tend to be more energetic or curious during car trips.


Now the BOCHAO Dog Car Seat for Large Dogs does actually have a weight recommendation of under 55ibs however it works perfectly fine for Bruce at 34kg – 74ibs. 

Considering how messy a large dog can be when they go diving into the water it’s absolutely ideal with how quick and easy it is to remove to clean and I would be confident it would be suitable for most large breeds.


Considering Bruce and Jaspers experiences as Large dogs I would happily recommend this seat to any, medium to Large dog owners.  I could easily see how the Bochao Dog car seat provides the necessary stability, security, and convenience required for large dogs during car rides.


If the weight limit does put you off don’t worry there are plenty of options 11 best dog car seats article I  might have the perfect solution for your Large Dog though!

My Large Dog is Too Large! 

Large Dog CratePetsfit Dog Crate XL This is something slightly different but with a weight limit of 70KG and a very generous size and build quality I thought it was an excellent alternative to the first choice! 


The Petsfit Dog Crate XL is a perfect car seat for large dogs even if it does have to go in the boot. This is perfect for large breeds such as the Akita Inu, Labrador or mongrels like Bruce! 


Here is a bit more of a breakdown of the features of the Petsfit Dog Create and why its great for large dogs.


Different Size Options available – For smaller pets, the S size(26-inch crate is perfect and can fit any size cat or small dog, such as Maine and Dachshunds. The M size(30-inch crate ) is ideal for medium-sized dogs like Poodles. The L size(36-inch crate ) is perfect for medium to large-sized dogs like Labradors. The XL size(39.5-inch crate) is suitable for larger breeds such as German Shepherds.


Durable Material and Sturdy Frame – Petsfit puppy carrier is made from 600D Oxford cloth, which makes the item more durable. The sturdy frame can adapt to the fabric cover, and you can chose to make it more forceful or loose.


Easy to Set Up and Store – Petsfit fabric soft dog crate with patented steel frame design, which is sturdy and easy set up and simple to store when it is not in use. The collapsible design allows you to store compactly and easily. The carrying handle for convenient to carry. If you have any problems the customer service through Amazon is pretty responsive.


Easy to Clean and maintain You can clean the stains and dirt from the surface with a soft brush. But i found a wet cloth / hoover to be more effective.


Ventilation It has breathable mesh on top and sides to ensure the circulation of air inside. Thereby making the Large Dog more comfortable and less anxious when stay in the soft crate. You don’t want to accidently make a hotbox!


Why do Large Dogs need a car seat

Large Dogs Dog Driving

You can find all the information on the legal reasons, moral obligations and general advice in our 11 best dog car seats article but here is a quick summary


Improved Safety: A Dog car seat provides a secure and stable environment for dogs during car rides, minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries caused by sudden movements.


Reduced Distractions: Large Dogs moving around excessively in the car can be distracting for the driver. With a dog car seat and a secure harness and stable design, owners can focus on the road, enhancing overall safety.


Enhanced Comfort: The padding and cushioning of the Dog car seat offer a comfortable space for dogs, allowing them to relax and enjoy the journey. This is particularly important during long car rides.


Legal requirement! – Don’t break the law, your dog can be taken away just for the sake of getting a secure harness for them.


What to consider when getting a car seat for a large dog

When it comes to choosing a car seat for your Large Dog, there are several key factors to consider. 


Size: One of the most critical considerations is the size of the car seat. Ensure that it provides enough space for your large dog to sit, lie down, and move comfortably during the journey. Check the dimensions and weight capacity of the car seat to ensure it can accommodate your dog’s size and weight. 


This can be difficult with certain long haired breeds such as the long coat Akita, even big Labradors can be deceiving so make sure you have enough room.


Weight Limit: Pay attention to the weight limit specified by the manufacturer although most of the time this is just a guideline it’s important to make sure the car seat can safely support the weight of your large dog. 


Compatibility with Car Models: Check if the car seat is compatible with your specific car model. Some car seats may require additional accessories or attachments to secure them properly in your vehicle. Ensure that the car seat can be securely installed in your car without any compatibility issues.


Safety Features: Look for car seats that come with safety features designed to protect your dog during the journey. Features such as adjustable harnesses, tether attachments, and non-slip bottoms provide additional security and minimize the risk of injury in case of sudden stops or accidents.

Why are car seats important for long car journeys

Large Dogs Great DaneComfort: Long car journeys can be tiring for both humans and dogs. It’s crucial to prioritize your dog’s comfort during these trips. Look for car seats that provide adequate padding or cushioning to ensure a comfortable experience for your large dog. Consider seats with removable and washable covers to maintain cleanliness and freshness.


Safety: The safety of your dog should always be a top priority. Opt for car seats that are crash-tested or have been certified for safety standards. A secure harness or seat belt attachment will prevent your dog from moving around excessively, reducing the risk of injury. Additionally, car seats that offer elevated positions or booster seats allow your dog to enjoy better visibility while keeping them secure.


Longevity and Durability: Consider the durability of the car seat. Investing in a high-quality and long-lasting car seat ensures that it will withstand the wear and tear of regular use. Look for sturdy materials and well-constructed designs that can endure the demands of travel.


Ease of Cleaning: Dogs, especially large Dogs, can bring dirt and shed hair into the car. Choosing a car seat with removable and machine-washable covers makes it easier to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. This feature also helps eliminate odors and keeps the car seat fresh for your dog’s next journey.


In conclusion, choosing the right car seat for your large dog, is really important and I would wholeheartedly recommend doing some research when it comes to the type of car you own and the type of Large dog you have. 


Throughout this article, we have explored various aspects of car seats for large dogs and provided practical tips for selecting the most suitable option. We have also highlighted the significance of prioritizing both comfort and safety during car journeys.


It is evident that the BOCHAO Dog Car Seat for Large Dogs stands out as an excellent choice for large dogs. Bruce’s positive experience with the BOCHAO Dog Car Seat for Large Dogs serves as a testament to its effectiveness. The stability, security, and ease of setup offered by the car seat make it a top contender for ensuring a safe and comfortable ride for your Large Dog.


We appreciate your time reading this article and hope that the information provided has been helpful in guiding your decision-making process. We encourage you to share your feedback and experiences with us. If you’re interested in further exploring dog-related topics, we invite you to delve into our other informative articles on various aspects of canine care and well-being. 


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Safe travels with your large dog, and may every car journey be filled with comfort, safety, and memorable moments!