About us

Welcome to A Dog’s Game! A Dog’s Game was created by dog lovers who are keen to make your life easier!


Our goal is to create a community where dog lovers can find valuable information, personal experiences, tips, and product recommendations tailored to their unique needs.


Our Mission

As dog lovers ourselves, we understand the importance of providing accurate and reliable information to help you care for your four legged family members. We aim to create a platform that is truly “for dog lovers, built by dog lovers.” Our commitment is to share our personal experiences, good and bad, to create a supportive community where everyone can get help, advice, and feel connected.


Our Approach

At A Dog’s Game, we believe in transparency and honesty. We only recommend products that we, our family members or friends have personal experience with. Additionally, we leverage AI technology to ensure that our content is up-to-date and accurate, with facts checked by our team members. 


We will share all the pitfalls, mistakes and lessons we have learned over the last 20 plus years after raising and caring for multiple dogs of varying breeds to help you on your journey.


Meet the Founding Team Members

Daniel, Bruce & Jasper – 


Daniel is the proud owner of a lovable Labrador (Jasper) and a rescue Bull Lurcher cross from the RSPCA (Bruce), Daniel offers valuable insights into adopting rescue dogs and caring for older dogs with sensitive needs. His dedication to researching and sharing his knowledge helps others provide the best quality of life for their pets.

Team members Daniel, Bruce and Jasper


Richard & Logan –  


A dedicated Akita owner, Richard brings his passion for dog training, behaviour, and care to A Dog’s Game. With personal experience in rescuing Akitas, Richard shares his knowledge and insights to help other dog owners provide the best care for their pets. Logan is a goofy loveable American Akita testing Richard at every opportunity

Team members Richard and Logan


Meet Our Contributors

Robyn & Drax – 


Robyn is a true dog lover. Having grown up with dogs and working with them in kennels, shelters and as a qualified dog groomer. Robyn and her 1 year old Drax are seasoned adventurers. They both live in their campervan full time and have been all over the UK and Europe! 







Looking Ahead


Though we are a new website, we have ambitious plans for the future. Our commitment to our readers remains our top priority, and we look forward to providing a reliable source of information and personal experiences for years to come.


If you have questions or anything you would like to see us cover, please get in touch and leave us a message on our Contact Us page