5 Best Dog Joint Care Tips 2023

Here are the 5 best Dog Joint Care Tips I use to keep my dog's joints healthy and reduce the risk of joint problems

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Looking after my dogs Bruce and Jasper ensures they will lead a happy and healthy life free of pain and discomfort often caused by poor joint care. One key aspect of a dog’s health is joint care, as they rely on their joints for running, jumping, playing and just like us pretty much everything. Even something as simple as climbing the stairs can be very impactful to your dog’s joints. 


In this article, we’ll explore the 5 best Dog Joint Care Tips, as well as the benefits of dog supplements and touch on why regular check ups can also help keep your dog happy and healthy.


Dog Joint Care and why it’s important

Just like humans, dogs can experience joint problems like arthritis, hip dysplasia and Osteoarthritis. My rescue Bruce is now 10 years old and he is certainly starting to show his age and I don’t just mean his distinguished beard! 

Here are the 5 best Dog Joint Care Tips I use to keep my dog’s joints healthy and reduce the risk of joint problems:

      1. Keep them at a healthy weight. 

      1. Exercise regularly.

      1. Provide joint-friendly surfaces.

      1. Consider joint supplements.

      1. Regular check-ups with the Vet.

    Another important thing you can do for your dog’s joint health and health overall is to keep an eye on their weight as silly as it might sound. My dogs, Labrador Jasper and a Bull Lurcher Bruce, both have set meals with food and measurements discussed in our other posts here – How much to feed your dog


    I think one of the main problems with feeding our dogs maintaining weight and their Joint Care is knowing what is good and bad for the dog itself, thankfully we have done the research for you have a look at our articles 10 Dangerous Foods You Should Avoid Feeding Your Dog and 10 Human Foods that are Safe and Healthy for Dogs



    This ensures they are kept healthy and happy at a weight that is manageable although it is tough when I have to say no to giving them leftovers.  Obesity can put a lot of stress on your dog’s joints, which can increase the risk of joint problems like arthritis, as well as massively reduce their joint mobility and overall lifespan.


    Making sure your dog gets plenty of exercise is really key to keeping them happy especially for my boys!  Their muscles and joints get a really healthy boost after going on walks and generally running around meaning its key for our Doggy Joint Care. It’s scientifically proven that dogs which have regular walks are happier and generally tend to live longer. 


    This is not always easy however as depending on the dog breed walking on a lead can be a nightmare check out our tips for getting your pooch in order here – “How to Train Your Dog to Walk on A Leash/ Lead”.


    Try to provide dog joint-friendly surfaces for them to play on. Carpet, grass, and rubber mats can help absorb shock and reduce the impact on your dog’s joints. Imagine dogs’ bodies just like ours gain mileage over time and the more difficult the terrain the more problems can arise over time. I know my boys have struggled with the hard surfaces in my house, skidding around and generally being uncomfortable, thankfully after much research, trial and error i managed to find some decent soft furnishings to make sure Dog Joint Care is number 1 in my house.


    With a rescue dog who is getting on in years its difficult to manage his joint care and all of his other needs especially when he needs the bathroom in the middle of the night don’t worry though if your dogs are having accidents at home check out our great potty-training tips here although tailored for puppies it made all the difference when i got my rescue Bruce – How to Potty Train Your Pup in Just 7 Steps – I know they have saved me a fortune in hard floor cleaner! 

    Dog Joint Supplements

        1. Yumove
        2. Glucosamine
        3. Chondroitin
        4. Omega-3 Fatty Acid supplements
        5. Probiotics
        6. CBD Oil






      I have the great joy of living with an old boy Bruce (10 years old!) and as a large breed and a rescue dog he has his fair share of problems. If your dog is already experiencing joint problems, there are many joint supplements available that can help reduce inflammation and pain. It’s not always ideal but there are some effective treatments that make a massive difference in mobility, comfort and even recovery time (one of the best supplements we use at ADogsGame is Yumove its had a massive positive impact on our dogs’ mobility and health in general).


      Joint Care close up
      A lovely snap of the old boy!

      What is YuMove

      Yumove – a combination of science and love who’s Joint Care products are the only pet joint supplements clinically proven by the Royal Veterinary College to make a visible difference in just six weeks. 


      Here at AdogsGame we have lots of personal experience using this supplement and have seen first hand how powerful and effective it is in our dogs Joint Care. Using a unique blend of sustainably sourced Omega-3 as well as high-purity Glucosamine, naturally occurring Chondroitin and Manganese for high-strength joint support, plus A version of Hyaluronic Acid that’s proven to reach the joint within 2 hours.


      Combined, the unique ingredients in YuMOVE deliver a superior formula to help soothe stiff joints. Our founder Richard started using this supplement following and leading up to an ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) repair for his dog Logan, it proved so effective the surgery was almost cancelled an even after going ahead has played a pivotal role in Logans recovery.


      Glucosamine and chondroitin are two popular supplements that are often used together to support joint health. These supplements work by helping to repair and rebuild cartilage in the joints, which can help reduce inflammation and pain. When using these supplements it cat take around 5-6 weeks for effects to fully show so keep that in mind and try to stay on top of your dogs joint care!


      What are omega-3 fatty acids for dogs?

      Omega-3 fatty acids are another great supplement for joint health, as they can help reduce inflammation throughout the body and they have the extra benefit of making your dog’s coat look fantastic / glossy. I can see you are asking though, What are omega-3 fatty acids I don’t know their benefits for myself let alone my dog! Allow me to explain!


      Fat is an essential component to every diet, Canine or human. However, fats can either be classed as good or bad, often referred to as HDL (High density lipoprotein – Good) or LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein Bad) in the scientific community. Omega-3 is classed as a good fat, scientifically proven to have all kinds of benefits especially when it comes to regulation of weight and cholesterol (I’ll thank my degree in Biomedical Science for this one!)


      Getting a good source of Omega-3 can be difficult but it’s essential that you take time to make this a part of your dog’s diet for both joint care and overall health.


      These Omega-3 fatty acids are essential oils meaning your doggy pal can’t make them on their own that’s why its an excellent supplement, having many positive effects on the body (and no it doesn’t make your dog gain lots of weight)


      What are the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids for dogs?

      Omega-3 fatty acids have loads of health benefits,These fatty acids feed from the healthy bacteria in your dog’s gut and like i briefly mentioned above this can then assist your Dogs body in the following;

          • Reducing inflammation in the joints which is very common with different types of arthritis especially in older dogs like mine

          • Supporting the development of the brain and keeping cognitive function healthy

          • Promotes healthy skin and can be used to treat Dog dandruff as well as several other skin conditions.

          • Helps both kidney and heart health by comparing the bad fats that build up in Dogs bodies after eating poor quality food.

          • Boosting the immune system and helping to fight off infection

        My Dog is too young to worry about their Joint Care?

        We love our dogs here at Adogsgame and we want to spend as much time with them as possible, keeping them happy, healthy and fighting fit is step number 1 to that. A quick order of Omega-3 popped into a few meals and you could have the key to not only extending your dog’s life, improving their Joint Care but also ensuring they stay comfortable for as long as possible. Young or not its something that will have a compounding effect as your dog grows strengthening its immune system and allowing it to thrive quicker and for longer.


        Omega-3s are great for the skin and coat, it was one of the main reasons I chose the AVA dog food for Bruce to help repair his damaged coat and get him fighting fit after his Gotcha day!

        Omega-3s are anti-inflammatories, this means they actively reduce swelling allowing your canine companion to move more freely and keep their joints in tip top condition for as long as possible. With large dogs like mine it’s something worth thinking about even from a few years old.


        What about Senior and Aging Dogs?

        It’s a sad thing when your dog starts to show signs of aging and something that motivates me to make the most of the time I spend with my two boys! Unfortunately degenerative diseases such as Arthritis are very common among dogs of a certain age especially if their breed is known for having conditions affecting joints such as;


        Labradors (hips and elbows)


        Springer Spaniels (hips and elbows)


        German Shepherds (spine, hips, elbows)


        Golden Retrievers (hips)


        Rottweilers (hips and elbows)


        This can commonly cause pain, discomfort and severely stiff, painful joints. Omega-3 fatty acids naturally reduce inflammation helping to relieve symptoms and make your dog a little more comfortable in its twilight which I know is massively worth it. 


        Probiotics – Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts and these little buddies can also be beneficial for dogs with joint problems, as they can help improve digestion and reduce inflammation in the gut and solve some of the more common gastrointestinal problems. When Bruce first arrived I know I relied on supplements like these to settle his dodgy tummy! 


        Although I have not had much experience with it, CBD oil is another popular supplement that many dog owners use to help promote relaxation and reduce anxiety in their dogs. It has been shown to have many health benefits for dogs just like in humans with joint or chronic pain conditions so I thought why not add it to our Best Dog Joint Care Tips. CBD oil can help reduce anxiety, improve sleep quality, and reduce pain and inflammation which at the end of the day is what we want, Happy Dog Happy Life! 


        There are loads of scientific resources available too so you can read up on specific benefits and potential issues regarding dog joint issues and care


        Regular Joint Care Check-ups

        Health and Wellbeing

        It’s important to keep your dogs healthy and in regular contact with your local vet there are numerous benefits and I know it can be tough especially if you have a reactive dog like I do but it’s worth it to spend as much time as possible with your doggy Pal and ensuring they are happy and healthy!


        Problems with diet, behaviours and wellbeing can all be identified by the wonderful trained professionals at your local vets and often have underlying caused relating to discomfort or stress caused by joint pain or injury. Its absolutely worth while keeping your Vet in the loop if you think your Canine companion is uncomfortable as well as following our Doggy joint care tips!  

        In summary, taking care of your dog’s joint health is essential for their overall health and wellbeing. By providing joint-friendly surfaces, keeping your dog at a healthy weight, considering the benefits of supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin, omega-3 fatty acids, and probiotics, making sure you have the right bed and ensuring your canine has regular check-ups, you can help reduce the risk of joint problems and keep your furry friend healthy and happy. And don’t forget to pamper your pooch with some extra love and attention – they deserve it!